Sunday 13 November 2011

It's that time of Year again...(ho ho ho)

Please forgive me if you are someone who doesn't like to see or hear of anything of Christmas until a few weeks before the big day. In our house, we get the decorations out as soon as is acceptable! My style of Christmas decorating is to throw everything I possibly can at the tree and my theory is 'too much is never enough'. Honestly, if you colour co-ordinate your tree and think tinsel is tacky, your eyes would most definitely burn in their sockets if you laid eyes upon my 'masterpiece'. Either that, or you'd just be mildy offended ;)

So with Christmas around the corner and everyone getting in the mood, I've been busy making, framing, printing and drawing things that I am sure will make lovely festive gifts and stocking fillers. These are all my wares for the craft and Christmas Markets which will take up a good part of the next month or so.

New Screenprint Embroideries

Some of my handpainted ceramics from my very first collection!

I'm continuously making as I sell, with hopefully a few of these being made available on Etsy so be sure you are following on Facebook and Twitter for regular updates on what's being added to the shop and more general news. I should be blogging more too, so you'll see more of me :)

Wishing you a very nice week indeed!



Lisa-Marie said...

It's all beautiful, and I know I said it on facebook already, but I LOVE your ceramics. :)

Kirsty Ramsbottom said...

Hehe thank you! I think they have been my favourite thing to do, so far! x

Lemon said...

I love your hand painted plates and the embroidery! All so individual and very pretty xx

Kirsty Ramsbottom said...

Thank you, that's super kind of you! xx

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