Friday 20 June 2008

Getting ready for the Degree Show

Well, it should really be named 'Getting ready for the Degree Show, New Designers and Free Range', as all three are looming ever closer! And they all happen to be within a one month span...needless to say the last leg of my degree is going to be a busy one.

We did the initial set-up of our Degree Show in the last 2 weeks of May which were hectic couple of weeks. I (some may say foolishly!) took on quite a lot of work as my space was one of the few that needed to be constructed from scratch. It was a little more difficult, but necessary and definitely worth it. Now I just have to think about adding in some smaller details and making sure I'm happy with the layout/presentation of everything.

So, the show opens at the Norwich School of Art and Design next week on June 26th and the final day is July 2nd. Which also happens to be graduation day and the Opening Night/Awards Evening at New Designers. That means I'll be hopping straight on the first train to London after graduation.

I haven't been able to look at the other course's shows yet (really looking forward to it!) but I can tell you that the Contemporary Textile Practices exhibition definitely warrants a visit. So...if you live in or near Norwich you should come along!

I'll post some photos of the Private View and details of the next couple of exhibitions, along with dates/locations shortly.

Bye for now!

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