Saturday 16 July 2011

Norwich Lanes Summer Fayre 2011

Morning from a rainy Norwich!

I come to you this morning perched on my dining room table watching Marty the dog scamper about in our overgrown grass. At intervals he's leaping under trees to seek some shelter from the rain...but then he gets bored and jumps out for another adventure. (Don't worry it's that light sideways rain and not of epic monsoon nature).

Anyways, are you as dissapointed as I am that I haven't blogged lately? Slap on the wrists for me. I had one of those crazy busy periods which always seems to crop up over the Summer preparing for various things and working on a very detailed commission, which I'll be finishing today. But I'm here now and I have some photos to show you from last Sunday when it was much less wet (well...up until about 3.30pm!) It was the Norwich Lanes Summer Fayre and I had a stall with my fellow Baked Ladies for a second year...

The Fayre was so much busier this year, I just couldn't beleive it. I think perhaps it's one of those kinds of events which will just get bigger and more widely attended every year, which is great.

This time around I had some screenprint embroideries for sale, cards and finally I was able to offer my first Zine! I wasn't sure what kind of reception they would get, but it turned out to be a good one, with lots of interested comments and touching! I'll be listing some of those of Etsy shortly if anyone is interested in having a look.

About half an hour before the fayre I was eyeing up a beautiful new white frame which was sitting in my studio and decided to quickly reframe one of my screenprints in it, and I was pleasantly surprised. I am a big advocate of using second hand frames as I feel like they have more character than new ones but I had to admit that the new white frame does the print much more justice. So I think I will use these occasionally in the future. What do you think? It sold on the day, and I don't think it would have done if it were in it's old frame.

Hope you are all having very nice Sundays...I'm off to a secret surprise party this afternoon ;) Very exciting!

Next week I'll bring you photos of the zine and my most recent house drawing (which is mahoosive!)

Until next time x

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