Sunday 13 November 2011

It's that time of Year again...(ho ho ho)

Please forgive me if you are someone who doesn't like to see or hear of anything of Christmas until a few weeks before the big day. In our house, we get the decorations out as soon as is acceptable! My style of Christmas decorating is to throw everything I possibly can at the tree and my theory is 'too much is never enough'. Honestly, if you colour co-ordinate your tree and think tinsel is tacky, your eyes would most definitely burn in their sockets if you laid eyes upon my 'masterpiece'. Either that, or you'd just be mildy offended ;)

So with Christmas around the corner and everyone getting in the mood, I've been busy making, framing, printing and drawing things that I am sure will make lovely festive gifts and stocking fillers. These are all my wares for the craft and Christmas Markets which will take up a good part of the next month or so.

New Screenprint Embroideries

Some of my handpainted ceramics from my very first collection!

I'm continuously making as I sell, with hopefully a few of these being made available on Etsy so be sure you are following on Facebook and Twitter for regular updates on what's being added to the shop and more general news. I should be blogging more too, so you'll see more of me :)

Wishing you a very nice week indeed!


Saturday 5 November 2011

Bumper Blog Post!

Well I never, it's November already!

Hope you all had a very excellent's been a while since I posted, but things have not been at all quiet at DottyNoggin HQ...

This will be a bit of a bumper blog post, so I'll start from the top!

My Etsy shop has had somewhat of a relaunch - I've added a wider range of prints and such over the last four weeks or so. You will have seen them before when showed you first, but here they are - now all available to buy...

'Wong Tai Sin Temple' © Kirsty Ramsbottom

'Joyce is not Here' (black & white) © Kirsty Ramsbottom

'Counter' © Kirsty Ramsbottom

'Wet Market' © Kirsty Ramsbottom

'Centre Street' © Kirsty Ramsbottom

'Sai Ying Pun' © Kirsty Ramsbottom

'Joyce is not Here' (Colour) © Kirsty Ramsbottom

'Centre Street' (Colour) © Kirsty Ramsbottom

'Librairie des Jardins' © Kirsty Ramsbottom

My Zine is also finally available too!

'A Street Zine - Guernsey Road' Limited Edition of 50 © Kirsty Ramsbottom

Also you might have noticed six little Christmas Cards designs which are available now, so if you are a shopper of a more organised nature you can pick them up now! They are available individually or in sets of three, six, nice and so on...

Finally the most important Etsy thing I have to tell you about is my custom listing. As you may or may not know I've not been able to list many of these (only one in fact!) because I've had a lot of commissions outside of Etsy and therefore no time to squish any more in! But as Christmas is drawing close I've decided to list another. Many if you have contacted me about these as gifts, so I hope I can help you give someone a very lovely Christmas gift. It's very likely I'll only be able to do one or two of these, because my time is very very limited at the moment. So if you feel like you might be interested I wouldn't hang about, as the last one sold within a few hours. You can find the listing here!

And speaking of Christmas! Preparations are well and truly underway for a handful of Festive Fayres I'm very thrilled to be taking part in along with some of my 'Baked' ladies. I always find Christmas Markets so exciting - there is such a friendly warm atmosphere. And if there are mince pies and carol singers that's even better!

The events which we are confirmed to be at are:

Norwich Lanes Christmas Fayre
Upper St Giles Street
17th November 5-9m

The evening includes lots of Christmas stalls, Choirs, Street Theatre, Mulled Wine and Mince Pies! It's also the starting point for a Christmas Tree Trail, which will be great fun for all the kids. Suffice to say I'd be going to this even if I wasn't participating!

Assembly House Traditional Christmas Fair
Assembly House Norwich - Noverre Suite
10th & 11th December 10am - 4pm

Billed as the perfect place for present ideas and sensational stocking fillers! From decorations to, flowers, Christmas Cakes, Mince Pies to lots of handmade wares.

Thorpe St Andrew Christmas Event
Yarmouth Road (between The Buck and Richmond Court
27th November 4 -8pm

There's a whole lot of Christmas happening here, and I've been told by people who attended last year that it's definitely not one to miss. Everything kicks of at 4pm and the evening includes Carols, a visit from Father Christmas, Light switch on, a Nativity Play (Eeeeeh!), fireworks AND real reindeer! Radio Norwich will be there, and so will we; wrapped up in lots of knitwear, woolly hats and extra pairs of gloves!

So I very much hope to see some of you there!

Also in the news...I've been working on some new pieces, namely a spot of crockery! This is something quite different I'm trying and so far has been very well received by visitors who have spotted little bits and pieces which are currently being dried out in the house. Here's a sneaky peek which you may have already spotted on Twitter or my Facebook Page...

Untitled © Kirsty Ramsbottom

I also did a spot of writing this week, as I was very priviledged to be asked to be the 'Young Creative Council's Weekly Score interview-ee. You can see it here, if you are interested in hearing a bit about me in a more concise fashion rather than the nattery chit chat I do on my blog!

We've shifted my studio into a bigger room in our house so that when the baby arrives and I return to work I'll be able to have us both in one room, as my old studio was far too small. So my old studio is in the process of being nurserified (!?) as you can see above. We picked some Quentin Blake Alphabet Wallpaper which as you can tell, I am MORE than happy about!

That's it really! But here you go, you can have a photo too.

Excuse my silly face!

Hope to see some of you locals around very soon! Say hi if you see me and bump around!

Speak soon! x

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