Tuesday 27 December 2011

SALE time!


Hope you all had an excellent Christmas :) I've spent the last few days in an over indulged daze, as I'm sure may be the case for a lot of you also! I'm now busy trying to offload as many chocolates as I can to friends, family and basically anyone who comes within ten meters of my house. Oh, and also avoid the mad Post-Christmas Sales in the highstreet! I have to say I have been indulging in a spot of online retail therapy (the best kind) which has been fun as I'm becoming far too pregnant to be traipsing around the City Centre for very long these days.

In the spirit of all the crazy sales happening I'm having my very own in the DottyNoggin Etsy Shop! It's a generous one - 25% off EVERYTHING. Yes...I did just use Caps. I pretty much NEVER (there I go again) have Sales. In fact the last one I had was in Easter, and it wasn't even this good. The fact is that my prices are already as low as low can be (without me making a loss) so you really will be getting a genuine bargain.

So, all you need to do, is pick what you want and then use the code 'BOXINGDAY' at the checkout. Shipping on most items is free (apart from ceramics) so you don't even have to worry about that.

Hope you see something you'd like to treat yourself with. I'm now off to construct my own picture wall with all of the lovely prints I've collected over the last year and now have framed - lovely!! Next post, I'll share with you the commission I did for a lovely lady as a Christmas Gift to her husband and a Christmas Gift I made for my sister. Can't wait to show you!

Until then!

Kirsty x

Saturday 17 December 2011

Snowy Skies, blankets and large mugs of tea!

I have to admit to you, I'm bundled up on the sofa with a very comfy blanket, a lovely big mug of (decaf) tea while Marty is sprawled out snoozing on the other sofa. And I'm feeling very happy that I'm not trundling around the shops today laden with bags of stuff, on the last Saturday before Christmas Eve. It looks very cold outside and the sky seems full of snow. So inside is the perfect place for me to be, especially when I am feeling so very heavy!

I hope you've all enjoyed your Christmas Shopping! Have had lots of lovely orders for cards at gifts in my Etsy Shop which has been lovely. I hope they earn lots of smiley faces when they get opened and unwrapped :)

Here are some pics from the various events the 'Baked' ladies and I were at over the Christmas Period.

We had great fun at these events and lots of chatter with people. A massive thank you to anyone who spoke to us and bought our wares!

I'm still taking last minute orders in my shop, but please read the banner for last postal dates in time for Christmas. Unfortunately Royal Mail are already telling me that First Class Post won't cut it for arrival in time for Christmas, even though the last date for this on their website is the 20th December. So I am offering Special Delivery (which has been advised) at an extra cost. You can get more details about this in my shop notifications :)

There will be a whole load of new items listed on the 26th and 27th December, with a special announcement to boot which I will blog about on the day/s. So keep your peepers peeled!

Oh, and a quick baby update...as I said, I am very heavy at the moment. People tend to look at me agahst when I tell them I have two more months to go!

And I'll leave the last photo for Marty, who has just today been helping himself to baubles and quickly chomping them before anyone catches on.

Wishing you all a very Merry Christmas!! Hope it's full of wonderful family, friends and FOOD! :) Take care and have an amazing time,

Kirsty x

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