Tuesday 7 December 2010

Drawing a little bit of Paris

I've been working for the last few evenings on an illustration of a little nook of Paris, and am quite pleased with the final piece (which I will share with you below).

When I say final, I'm not sure I mean it! It's likely that I'll add some soft colours to this image, as they are partly responsible for drawing my eye to this little part of the City. Not too much though colour though.

I'll let you know how it goes.

Also, would quite like to try some more of these, seeing as this one has turned out nice...

Comments, of course, are always appreciated!

Saturday 4 December 2010

Wooly Hats and Scarves

Wow! Just got in from a very bustling Clutter City, full of lovely people all wrapped up in wooly hats and scarves. Had an absolutely wonderful day and so pleased to have sold so much, especially seeing as most of my wares will be given as gifts to friends and families. Very exciting! I hope they love them.

I'll be putting some unsold framed screenprints and Christmas Cards onto Etsy in the morning...so you'll be able to find them
Here (Click me), if you'd like to buy anything.

Photos of the day to follow soon.

Thanks everyone!

Friday 3 December 2010

Another Clutter City Adventure...

Eek! However long has it been since my last post? Too long. I am a bad blogger. Very very bad!

So, since the exhibition in the Summer, I've been preparing to start taking part in the Norwich Clutter City Markets, which is a very exciting place to buy and sell from independent Artists and Makers. You can find out more here http://cluttercity.norwichartscentre.org.uk/ .

I've been bust preparing lots of goodies to sell at the Yuletide Clutter City which is happening tomorrow from 10am-4pm...can't wait! I'll be there as part of the 'Baked' Collective.

Here's a sneak peek at the Wares I'll be offering...

I've designed six special Christmas Cards printed on 300gsm, Acid Free, Lignin Free Card. These are blank inside for your own message, each comes with a white envelope and is protected by a clear plastic sleeve. Available to buy individually at £1 each or as packs of three all tied up in string and wrapped in a candycane bag! All for just £3...

Pack 1 includes...

A Cottage Christmas

Norman First School

Guernsey Road

Pack 2 includes...


Gayglow 700

The Postbox and the Robins

My Kitchen Table

And don't forget, people have birthdays in December too! So I'll also have my Greeting Cards available, which are printed on 300gsm, Acid Free and Lignin Free White Card. Each one is blank inside for your own message, comes with it's own white envelope, and is protected by a clear plastic sleeve. Great for giving people or keeping for yourself! Prices range from 75p to £1.50...

I'll also be selling these one off framed Illustrations, screen printed onto new and genuinely vintage fabrics. Warm, friendly and whimsical...would hopefully make a great Christmas present for a lovely friend who will be able to hang it straight away! And a snip from only £6 - £11...

None of these items are available to buy online at the moment, so come on down and take a look see! I'll be there trying to resist buying when I should be selling...

Until next time!

Sunday 11 July 2010


The exhibition I was talking about...

Participators include:

Alice Boutell
Cheryl Syrett
Elle Marlow
Georgia Culver
Helena Carrington
India Douglas
Jayne Douglas
Jenny Ball
Kirsty Ramsbottom
Lianne Maynard
Phillipa Spiller
Rosalind Highet
Tertia Douglas

Hope to see you there!

Norwich Lanes Street Fayre

It's been far too long, as ever! Busy busy busy...as ever!

But today certainly warranted a post, as I had such a lovely time being part of the Norwich Lane's Street Fayre with my friends from the NSAD.

Sunshine, Music, Food, Friends and over very own stall. Norwich at it's best.

Here are some photos...

A very enjoyable day and we sold a fair bit too! If you were one of the lovely people who dropped by and bought something, thank you from all of us :)

Next up is the exhibition in August! Very exciting!

Friday 5 February 2010


Today, I thought I would upload some of the many photos I'm basing my Hong Kong project on. I am a bit snap-happy to say the least, so would be interested to know how many photos I manage to take over the last year...

These ones here are some of the photos I took to document and draw from when I ended up getting a chance to put pen to paper. I really love to draw from life and have spent many a day sitting outside in freezing cold England on a portable pink stool (not my choice in colour, but needs = must! hehe)scribbling away while my fingers turn blue. It's actually quite enjoyable but not always practical with the upredictable weather and also how long it takes to finish one drawing. So yes, I do draw from photos sometimes. I think it's fine, because generally the illustration turns into something much different from the photo. I always like to think I'm drawing 'about' the image, and not 'of' the image...

So here they are. I hope you like them. They aren't at all arty, well-framed photos...they are more to document everything....

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