Tuesday, 2 February 2010

Fixing up my Blog!

Ok, so I think I've come to the conclusion that I have been a pretty awful blogger. My last post was well over a year ago!

I would really quite like to change that, and have been pondering about starting from scratch. But then I would lose all my previous posts (boooo!). SO, I've decided to spruce up my blog a little bit with a touch of colour and a little illustration. AND I'm going to do a little experiment, and see if I can post a blog every day for the next seven days without running out of things to say/little drawings to post! Mainly I'd like to use it as a diary for my illustration work. Kind of like the PDP we were always told we must have during our degree.

Stick around....it could get interesting!

Just to get me started, here are some photos of an illustration I've been working on (squeezed in between work!) It's a drawing of a beautiful building in Hong Kong with Chinese shutters, lots of tropical plants, cracked paving and an upstairs business with brand new shiny Western windows. An interesting mix of elements! I'm drawing on narrow fax roll, which I love to do as I can keep adding more and more to the height of the drawing until I either reach the top of the building, or until I decide it's finished!

I'm hopefully going to be doing a group exhbition late spring, and would quite like to base my work that I show on my last year in Hong Kong, so I hope that this illustration will become a part of that project and it'll all take shape nicely.

In other news, I moved back to the UK November 2009, but am still working for the lovely company that hired me. I should probably see if I'm allowed to post photos of my designs that I've been working on for them for the past year. Will keep you posted. They are so very different from the art that I do, but I love it!

Anyways, I think that's enough talk! Until tomorrow...(I promise)

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