Tuesday, 25 January 2011

Retrospective: Diary Project (Sketchbook)

As mentioned, and as promised - looking at Projects Past!

These drawings formed the basis of one of my BA (Hons) units/terms (whichever you want to call it!) way back when in 2007 (Eeek! Time definitely does fly!)

I am very fond of these drawings because they catalogue the surroundings which were closest to me during that period of time in my life. My intention was to document the ordinary, 'mundane' scenes which we tend not to take an interest in, because we see them every day. They certainly aren't things we'd take photographs of either, which I think is quite sad. One of the things I love about looking at old photographs is what I can spot in the background...be it my Nan's stripey curtains, the brown flocked wallpaper which graced my parent's living room walls, the tree which once proudly sat in the front garden or the wooden Singer sowing machine hood I'm using as a makeshift stool to pose for an impromptu photo aged Five. Years later, these transient details change and become harder for us to recall without a token of visual stimulant.

I know I'm terrible for my choice of subject when it comes to things like holidays...not even kidding I have almost a whole reel of photos of ducks from a trip to France! I am a snap happy fiend, and a lot of the time I have the tendancy to document things that play a relatively insignificant part of my life. It seems to be something we all do, and while I'm not saying it's a bad thing, I also think it's important to honour the things we take for granted and which may seem insignificant now, but that we will enjoy remembering later.

These drawings are in their most basic form. I worked into these using something I coined as 'Digital Applique', which was something very new and exciting at the time (Think Lauren Child's 'Charlie and Lola'). I'll post those seperately with further thoughts and information on techniques and such at a later date! I still look back at these drawings and pick some out for screenprinting and further development depending on what I have in mind for making. You might recognise a few from the framed screenprints that were a great success at the Christmas Clutter City (look for a posting further down from December 2010).

I shall leave you there - hope you enjoy looking at them :)

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