Sunday, 23 January 2011

Colour Blitz

Had some downtime today, so found myself in my little studio scanning various bits and having fun with Illustrator. Not sure if it's something that is noticable to other people but I use colour very sparingly in my illustrations and I'm not a huge fan of collage/layering. The same goes for my day job, as the company I design for have a very simple, crisp and sophisticated philosophy. But sometimes I think you just have to go there with the colour and see what you come up with! Even if it turns out to not be 'you', it's always fun to experiment and either find a new direction or re-affirm your style. Sometimes it's about building it up to strip it all back again, which is an interesting way of going about things.

I loosely worked on the Vogue it is, two times..

I'm quite pleased with the outcome, although it's taken me a while to come around to it! Probably prefer it without the writing. Would love to translate this design into something more tactile on actual wood...could be interesting!

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