Sunday, 27 July 2008

Finally Free Range...

Finally the last of the exhibitions as part of the Norwich School of Art and Design is all done. I like to think that I got the hang of the whole exhibition thing by the time Free Range rolled around!

We arrived at the Truman Brewery (just off Brick Lane) on July 16th and began constructing the space, painting and putting our work up. I was lucky this time as I got a great space which was a really big white brick wall which had this cool chunky white painted industrial pipe running up part of the wall, which I think must have been something left over from the buildings days as a Brewery. Yes, so I loved my space and really liked how my work looked against the brick wall.

It took two days to get everything perfect and the Opening Night was Thursday 17th July. We had lots of people visit and it got steadily busier as the night wore on. A few off us left a little bit before closing as we were so tired from all of the early morning commutes we had been making from Norwich! Little did I know that after I would leave someone would go on to pinch two of my scrolled original drawings which were lined up in front of my hanging pieces. How nice of them.

The next morning some of us went in to invigilate after another stay at the Generator (a free room next time perhaps? hehe) That's when I discovered the theft..but on a brighter note I did get to chat to some people about my work which is was interesting. Then it was off home for a whole 2 days, which were apparently super-busy because of all the markets open at the weekend.

I came back on the Monday, this time with the company of my Mum and my Sister who had decided to join me for a day out in London. We did LOTS of walking that day! Then it was off to the Truman Brewery to take my work down and bundle it all back on a train to Norwich.

All in all, I think that out of the three exhibitions this one was my favourite. I liked each one for different reasons and in this case I loved the space that I had and how I was able to present my illustrations. I've decided to create a page on my website ( for all the comments that I got in my little book-it made me so happy that other people enjoyed looking at my drawings. It really did mean a lot to me, so I think it would be nice to have them on the website.

Speaking of the website I will hopefully be doing lots of updates this week as there are still lots of things that I want to do with it! I would like to have some stuff for sale along with lots of other little ideas that are floating around in my head. Lot's of other things in the pipeline at the moment, so will write about theme if and when they fabricate.

Hopefully more to write very soon...bye for now :)

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