Monday, 18 April 2011

Some Illustrations from Hong Kong

Considering my posting was once erratic and unfocused at best, I'm not sure how much I will need to cover in this new post which relates to my year in Hong Kong. So, sorry in advance if I repeat anything!

After I graduated in 2008 I was lucky enough to be one of a group of people who were selected by my tutors to go to New Designers with my work. It was an amazingly sunny week and despite a few upsets (including the infamous leaky roof at the design centre, in which my most treasured illustration suffered some disasterous splashes of water AND one of my friends having her ENTIRE protfolio stolen) it turned out quite good :/

I was in the foyer when someone from my course called to say a lady wanted to speak to me so I ventured back upstairs to our stand and 'hey presto!' my life changed! After some interviews, one project, countless emails, visa form filling and a trip down to Lewes I found myself at Heathrow airport with a very large red suitcase which contained my whole life (or what I could fit, at least!) I was off to Hong Kong on my own for a three month placement to design for a major bedlinen company.

That month rolled into a year and would have stretched even further had I not decided that I really wanted/needed to move back home. What a year! It was a good 'un and I had an amazing time living there with my partner and welcoming/waving on various friends and family members who came to stay with us (always so sad when they went!). And my goodness, I LOVED work. I mean, was literally in love with it. I used to get so excited when my samples would arrive back from the factory, the friends I made were lovely and I had the most stunning view of the botanical gardens out of the window wall in front of my desk. What a beaut'! Oh and the amount I learned was just completely invaluable.

I still work for the company, from home and I still absolutely love it (I hasten to add!). But the excitement of it all when I first began teamed with living in a new country was extraordinary. Unfortunately I didn't do much in the way of my own work while I was over there, because I literally lived and breathed my job. And, although people might say it's only a job, I was in another country and away from all of my friends and family for my job, so it really was all-ecompassing.

Slowly since I've been back, I've had more time (no more evening and weekend skype calls!), space and energy to make my own Illustrations. They develop much slower than when I had the eternity of time bestowed upon me during my degree but I enjoy it so much and I still get excited everytime a person coos over something I've made or buys it. So I have to say that most of these Illustrations were done when I returned (as you can see from one of my earlier posts, from photos that I had taken specifically to draw/document from. They were exhibited last Summer and I hope you like :)

'The Wet Market'

'Wong Tai Sin Temple'

'Joyce is not here'

'Centre Street'

'Sai Ying Pun'

I should also say, I really hate using watermarks on my work. But I've had so many problems in the past with copyright and even had some drawings physically stolen from the Truman Brewey. So sorry if it spoils it a little. It's a shame I feel I have to do it.

I'm planning on putting a few of these on Etsy as prints...which one/s are your favourite? Perhaps it will help me to decide which to choose! Would love to know your thoughts. Next Post will be the Illustrations I did for my degree show, which hold a special place in my heart! For now you can see them here. I am taking down my website in a few days so I can concentrate on having it rebuilt without it being live as it's shamefully messy at the moment. So use the link while you can!

Have a great day y'all! x


Emma Ridgway said...

Kirsty, these illustrations are so beautiful and detailed, your love of Hong Kong really shines through them. Let me know when you have some prints available!

Handmade by Emily said...

I really like these. I love the detail, and the simplicity of the line drawings but I think if I was going to buy a print I'd buy one of the colour ones.

Emily x

Kirsty Ramsbottom said...

Thanks loads for your comments ladies :)

I'm going to list some on Etsy I think. Although it doesn't seem like a very lively site at the moment? As for the colour, it's a difficult one as I've sold both colour and non-colour. (I'm not even sure which I prefer). But great to have feedback, thanks! x

Mellybee said...

thanks for your blog- it reminds me of our time spent in Hong Kong- we were there for 2 years and its funny but I found it almost impossible to find time for my own work! We've been back in the UK now 3 years having moved twice since and only now am I beginning to go through all the photos we took and begin to think of using them!

Temporary:Secretary said...

Just discovered your blog, I'm in love with it. My parents are from hong kong so we've been there a few times. I loved it. It's so nice to see it in your illustrations. So different and you're very talented!

I look forward to your future updates and keep up the fab work! x

Kirsty Ramsbottom said...

Hey Mellybee, I know what you mean about the work! I think it's a combination of things...small apartments and lovely things to see outside means little time spent at home drawing. And we always ate out every night (I love that people do that over there...not so much here. It's SO lovely and sociable!) Also late working hours etc and seizing the weekends for day trips and such things. I've been back over a year now and I'm only really just feeling like I'm winding down from the whole experience! hehe :)

Hello Temporary Secretary! Thanks for your very lovely comment! And so pleased you like it. Hong Kong has been my favourite place to Illustrate - I love the juxtaposition of the Old/New Western/Eastern. Looking up at each storey of an apartment block to see clothes hanging precariously out to dry. A treat to draw! I've just had a peek at your blog and look forward to having a good read through it as it looks just like my cup of tea! Thanks again x

Mellybee said...

I think you've got it right on the no time for drawing thing- we did eat out pretty regularly - not having ovens and kitchen being incredibly small and hot encouraged the whole getting out and about! Plus if you ate locally meals would be pretty cheap- did you ever get to try cows intestines and sea cucumbers? I tell you my taste buds have probably not been as stretched as they were there! We moved from there to Aberdeen, scotland and weirdly we both experienced reverse culture shock- not only the climates were from one extreme to the other but also the people and culture. We're now in Falmouth, Cornwall and we both feel relaxed and welcomed here- eating with people features more-which reminds me of Hong Kong again!

Kirsty Ramsbottom said...

Yes! People back in the UK couldn't believe we didn't have an oven...not very encouraging for already lazy cooks! Local food is so cheap isn't it...I used to swear it worked out more economical although never really did the math! Cow Intestines...yeah! It was one of the least tastiest things I tried that's for sure ;) Jellyfish was a bit of an odd one too. Never managed to eat a Chicken's Feet, did you? Ahh you lucky thing living in Cornwall - one of my favourite places :)

Excited about your blog too...I'm loving finding these little gems!

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