Saturday, 2 April 2011

Clutter City Spring Soiree!

Clutter City never fails to dissapoint, that's for sure! Had a lovely day out once again with my 'Baked' Ladies today. We whipped up a stall once more, this time with fake trees and bunting aplenty! I always completely forget that I'm supposed to be selling things and find myself wandering around having a good old natter with old and new faces to the point where I get severe jaw ache! ;) Never let it be said that I'm not like my Nan, who almost had the search party sent out for her after she'd been gone for two hours fetching a jar of Jam from the local shop. (She'd actually been having a good old mardle on the corner of her street with the neighbours! Never got as far as the shop and the Ramsbottom's were utterly Jam-less for the rest of the day) Before I go on...and on....and on, here are a few pics from today...

It's looking like our next adventure will be the Norwich Lanes Street Fayre, which we absolutely LOVED last year. Very much hoping the sun is shining just as brightly this time around. In the meantime we shall be putting some more wares together to have on show.

Thanks to everyone and anyone who dropped by and saw us! :)

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